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Dr. Elfiky inspirational quotes

  • The smart person is the one who closes his/her mouth before people close their ears.

  • When you succeed your friends will know who you are, but when you fail, you will know who your friends are.

  • You shouldn't say everything you know, but you should know everything you say.

  • Realizing how you think this is the beginning of the change.

  • Failure affects those who always sit in their comfort zone and wait for success to come.

  • Don't say that the world gives me its back .. maybe you are the one sitting in the opposite direction.

  • Do you really want happiness? Don't look for it far away It's inside you.

  • There are friends like food you need all the time, there are friends like medicine you need at the time of illness, and there are friends like a disease that you don't need.

  • Silence: It makes you control those in front of you through gazes loaded with unspoken meanings that make them confused in their interpretation. 

  • Winter is the beginning of summer .. darkness is the beginning of light .. pressures are the beginning of rest and failure is the beginning of success.

Audio Episodes by Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky
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The 5 dimensions of Balanced Life

It's very important to become consciously aware of where you are in each one of the five dimensions of life, because by improving them, you can live a balanced life free of limitations and negative emotions.

Spiritual: Ask yourself

Where am I in my spiritual life? .. how is my relationship with God? .. What am I doing right now that can bring me closed to my creator? .. Do I help the poor in every way I can? .. Do I pray daily and often? .. Do I meditate to relax my body and my mind?

Health: Ask yourself

How is my health in general? .. how is my weight; am I happy with it or do I need to lose/gain weight? .. how are my eating habits? do I eat healthy foods? .. Do I dring enough water daily? .. Do I exercise regularly? .. Do I take nice long walks on a regular basis? .. Do I keep healthy thoughts in my mind? 

Personal: Ask yourself

How is my personal life? .. Do I like myself? .. Do I accept myself the way I am? .. If married; am I happy? .. Do I live a fulfilling life with my partner, or is life a struggle? .. How is my relationship with my children? .. D I have a special hobby that keeps my busy and helps me relax my mind? .. How do I use my days off? .. How is my relationship with my friends? 

Professional: Ask yourself

How am I at work? .. Do I like and enjoy my work or do I look for every opportunity to get away from my job? .. Do I want to start my own business? .. How is my relationship with my boss and my co-workers? .. Waht am I doing now to improve my performance? .. When was the last time I took a course of attended a seminar, or bought an audio program or read a good book related to my work? .. who do I use my time at work?

Financial: Ask yourself

How am I doing financially? .. Do I earn enough money? .. How much do I want to earn? .. Do I have any investments? .. Dow do I spend my money?

When you ask yourself these types of questions, you develop a blueprint for your entire life.  You become totally aware of who you are, of your resources and how you are using them, and of your challenges and how you are handling them.  This opens gates of opportunity in your mind and moves you toward becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

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